Pleiades - Taygeta

In Pleiades there is a star known as Taygeta, orbiting around Taygeta we find planet Erra home world of the Pleiadian's. Erra is one of ten planets in the Taygeta star system.

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The well-known seven-star system of the Pleiades is an open star cluster in the constellation Taurus - 440 light years distance from earth - and is composed of relatively young stars, planets etc. The designation "seven-star system" is derived from the fact that at least seven sparkling stars can be seen with the natural eye on a clear and starry night in the northern winter sky.

However, they exist in another space-and-time configuration and are an additional 80 light years beyond the Pleiades. One of the sun systems located there bears the name Tayget, the central star, which is orbited by ten planets; four of these are inhabited. Those human beings living there we call Pleiadeans. Yet they call themselves Plejaren (pronounced ple-yar-en) according to their system, which bears the name Plejaren.



Constellation: Taurus
Right Ascension: 03 45 12.5
Declination: +24 28 02
Distance from Sol: 440 Light Years

Basic Data

Alternate Designations: 19 Tauri, HR 1145, HD 23338, BD+24 547, HIP 17531, SAO 76140, GC 4486, BDS 1848, CCDM 03452+2429
Spectral Type: B6IV
Apparent Magnitude: +4.30


Inner Edge of Habitability Zone: Unknown
Outer Edge of Habitability Zone: Unknown

Erra - Taygeta AB


Erra Statistics

Object Type: Twin Earth
Parent Star: Taygeta
Discovery Status: Confirmed
Planet Appearance: The planet appears to have a tinted haze around it i believe this may be due to the light relfecting off its atmosphere.
Planet Surface: Erra is a warm planet containing plenty of moisture and sustaining a wide variety of life forms and bio zones. The rocky silicate crust permits unique and varied land formations to also exist
Water The formation of rain on Planet Erra is similar to that on Earth. Rain is water in liquid form that falls from the clouds. Solid forms of rain, also known as snow on Earth, also exist on Erra.
Climate Zones Erra has five major climate zones: tropical, tepid, temperate, glacial, and polar. Each zone has a temperature range that relates to its latitudinal location and its exposure to the sun.
Life Forms: Lyrians, Pleiadians, hyadeans, races are found to dwell on erra. and there is also large forestry areas upon the surface of the planet. like on earth there are various forms of animal life also on the planet
Atmosphere: The atmosphere is not suitable for humans at this time as the planet  is still in its early devolpment stages.
Year Discovered: 2009
Detection Method: Interstellar Travel - Bi-Location
Discovered By: Wingmaker732
Written By: Darryn and Shenatobah

An image of Erra and Taygeta

Taygeta And Erra Here in this image you can see Erra in orbit around Taygeta in the pleiadian system. It is my belief the Erra is the third planet in the system and is well placed in the habitability zone

Planetary Orbit Around Taygeta

Erra Orbit

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