Physical Levitation

Levitation is the ability to rise ones self from the ground using the ability
of the human body and mind in the past we have blended energy
with objects in the visual sense

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Physical Levitation

Levitation is the ability to rise ones self from the ground using the ability of the human body and mind in the past we have blended energy with objects in the visual sense this time we will try to bring this sense into physical being through the sensations of the human body and mind. Your question here is how?

The human mind registers all sensation that we encounter in our daily lives this is also true in the spiritual and metaphysical worlds as well even if we are not aware of it at the time.

This technique here may sound silly but there is a method to my madness as you will understand in time. This first technique is in the ability of rising and one that is easy to learn with little effort need.

Sounds simple doesn't it! what you're about to learn is the first step in physical levitation notice every sensation and take notes on all sensations that you encounter with this technique your thoughts and sensations will serve you well in this exercise.

Technique In Rising

Physical Technique

Here you will need a quite space to focus and a doorway.

Step One
The first thing to do is position your body in the centre of the door way and relax your arms by your side and take a deep breath in and relax.

Step Two
Now place your knuckles into the sides of the door frame and in your own time try forcing your arms to rising by pushing your hands out to your side with all your strength and hold it for a minute or two. remember don't worry if you get pain in your arms it is normal,


Step Three
Now in your own time making sure the path in front of you is clear of any obstruction relax your arms and walk out of the doorway and make sure your arms are relaxed it is important that you do so here.

Step Four
Notice every sensation and write them down for future reference if you've learnt the object of this lesson you will understand what i mean by technique in rising.

Physical Levitation

In 1986 I came across a book on levitation after reading this book I decided to make a program on levitation the way I done this was by making an audio tape thirty minutes long repeating the instructions four times each and playing the tape while I was sleeping this technique while affective was the wrong way to go.

See I had performed levitation while using the tape while in a dream state I was not aware at the time that the sensation of rising would awaken me from this state at first I was ok with the sensation I raised my body from the ground far enough that I could touch the very tips of my fingers on the surface below.

Then I decided to lower my body down making sure I kept my hands behind me so I could feel the surface below at this point things were going well so I decided to rise again this time rising higher then the first time tilting my hands this time I could not feel the surface below so with this in mind I drop my arm down and still no surface at this point reality kicked in big time and I freaked out this in turn caused me to drop suddenly from mid air and hit the surface quite hard.

That is why I have told you this story even though I had done it. It was not clear in detail how I had done it I had learnt during the exercise that what goes up will come down if you are not properly trained in levitation and the technique above is the technique I used all those years ago to get familiar with the sensation of levitation. The other great lesson I learned was that I was not ready for levitation.

I have not made this statement to scare you in any way I believe that what I felt as I took that deep breath in and the body raised to be one of the greatest sensations that I have felt and is well worth the wait if your have faith in your ability. the book on levitation stated that at the centre of each chakra there was a jewel or well of energy this was known to me at this time as wells of prana energy this was not the case what i was releasing was in fact kundalini energy into the chakras as we all know kundalini raises in the body through the spinal column and it is kundalini that is the energy of levitation. It has taken me 18 years to learn that one here we will learn about the structure of the chakras and kundalini in general before moving on with Levitation.

One other thing I will say I was 15 years old when I first tried levitation I can now see the I didn't take levitation seriously and didn't have much respect for levitation. But with age comes wisdom so listen to the voice of wisdom and learn, you want get this technique right off the bat you need to build your kundalini energy up this can be done through yoga and meditation, And of course visual techniques.

What is kundalini

The Kundalini is often described as a female serpent coiled 3 and 1/2 times at the base of your spine...sleeping away. It's a bit bizarre that such a divine being would be taking a nap at the base of your spine, yet she truly contains the most awesome power you can imagine in the Universe. Your Kundalini will sleep here until our bodymind is fully awakened to living 24-7 as the divine all-powerful God-being we truly are.

This is called Samadhi. When we awaken her infinite Shakti power for the first time, we receive a spiritually enlightening experience (Satori) that can last for days. We then realize who we are is something much bigger than before. We see we are this energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and begin to realize we are responsible for the divine creation of our life exactly the way it is.

Kundalini is the supreme cosmic enlightening energy, that resides inside us, deep at the core of our being. Kundalini is the most powerful force in the Universe, and brings enlightenment to our world. Your Kundalini awakens the manifesting being in your life! Anything you wish to manifest is possible with an awakened Kundalini.

If we stay stuck in a life we are not excited about or love, the Kundalini snoozes away, patiently waiting for us to become totally conscious and realize that we are NOT just this ego-mind who is identifying with thoughts while feeling trapped in a body. In fact, the very moment we slow down and stop living in our busy heads filled with ideas of our past and future, she begins to rise up our spine and lets us know WE are this awakeness itself.

All our hidden Siddhi powers come from an awakened Kundalini. Examples of the Siddhi powers are supernatural abilities of strength, sight, hearing, levitation, bi-location, instant manifestations, etc... Basically anything you can imagine beyond the everyday world is possible when your Kundalini is awakened. The Siddhi powers are our natural abilities, yet through societal conditioning they have been suppressed and we have been programmed to believe they are malicious or wrong. They are as natural as the warmth from the sun above.

How To Raise Your Kundalini

If you continue to stay in the present moment, you will slowly dissolve the deepest of illusions our mind has been constantly re-creating about a true/false reality and start seeing The Reality of an ever-present energy of divine bliss in everyone and everything. If we buy into the illusions of the mind at any moment, the cosmic Kundalini falls back asleep. She will do this until we are completely present again to the Reality of Existence found only within the Here and Now.

Staying consciously awake in this eternal moment, the phenomena of psychic abilities, paranormal powers and magical manifesting capabilities will naturally begin to appear. She will give you the ability to attracting anything in the Universe you desire. Because you are merging with the Kundalini's infinite power, the body will no longer have ANY experience of having mental, emotional or physical pain. The experience of being bathed in an ever-present Source of divine peace and awesome power will be your new way of living.

If you are open and willing to step into your destiny as a divine being of God, read on. Awakening this incredible power is a very delicate and gentle process. We are connecting with the greatest energy in the Universe. It is so powerful we need to be very tender with it, to allow it in.

When each of the seven major chakra centers in your body are ignited, you will step completely out of the time-bound world of the ordinary and into the most extraordinary super-natural realm of your being. The God and Goddess within you will become very apparent to all, and you will absolutely know without a doubt, the truly magical and all-powerful cosmic God-being you truly are. This is the ultimate goal of the human experience.

Meditation To Ignite Your Kundalini

Sitting on the floor with legs crossed, for the first 5-7 minutes relax every muscle and organ in your body. Imagine a golden white light is caressing you on the inside, releasing every concern, worry and tension you have.

Next, let your body gently undulate back and forth, in small circles, in mini figure eight's, or in whatever ways that feel most natural, easy, effortless and sensually enjoyable. You can even move as you were having a very relaxing slow sexual experience sitting with a divine being. Let the rest of your body move and sway as it needs to.

Let each vertebrae in your entire spine (all the way up to your head) be affected by the undulating motion of your body. The energy is flowing up from the bottom to the top of your head. You can also imagine that your spine is as loose as seaweed on the ocean floor. It is so relaxed and at ease, going with wherever the ocean waves flow. This will loosen the Kundalini up so that she can rise completely out of the top of the head.

During this time, keep your attention on the energy between your sexual anatomy and the base of your spine. As you are undulating, breathe into this lower area deeply and slowly. Imagine a golden Lotus flower radiating rays of light is blossoming there.

With a devoted concentration, you will feel a warm or tingling energy along the base of your spine or higher. The more conscious and relaxing the experience is, the more the Kundalini will move and grow.

When you begin to feel a rising sensation of energy, stop the undulation and be completely still. Set the intention for your thoughts to slow down and eventually stop. Begin to relax into the stillness. Breathe slowly and deeply up to 5 minutes into your belly, without forcing it. You will notice that your body is breathing on its own. As you continue watching your belly breathe naturally, follow your breath, as it will take you deeper into the stillness.

When you are completely relaxed into the stillness, rest deeply inside. Relax into your spine that should be vertically straight and aligned yet deeply relaxed.

As there is absolutely no more tension in the body, imagine that a rainbow of energy is forming along the back of your spine and down the front of your body. Each area or charka has a specific colored light associated with it. Please visualize the following colors for each area.

  • Red = Base
  • Orange = Sexual region
  • Yellow = Solar plexus
  • Green = Heart
  • Blue = Throat
  • Indigo = Forehead/ 3rd eye
  • Violet = Top of head
  • White/golden = Center of the top of the head aligned with the spine.

Depending on how tall you are, there will be between 3 and 8 quarter sized balls of light in each chakra region. As you place your attention a colored ball, it can ignite your whole body filling it with light.

Starting at the base of your spine, follow the center of your body going very slowly up the front to the top of the head, then down the neck, and back following the spine to make a complete rainbow circle. You may also start up the back and go down the front. Go in any direction that feels most natural for you. The quarter sized balls may grow or shrink in size and the colors can merge and fade into the lights next to them.

When you have made at least 10 rainbow circles around the body, imagine that a white/golden ball of light is forming at the center of the Earth, rising up in a column of light to the Earths surface, and entering the base of your spine.

Feel it slowly entering you. As it slowly ascends to the top of your head, allow it to flow out the Crown Chakra like a fountain. Let the energy cascade all over your body and bathe in the shower of this golden loving light. Allow it to penetrate every muscle, organ, and cell in your entire body, and purify your entire energy system!

Stay in the shower of golden light for as long as you can.

I recommend doing this golden showering for 10 minutes every day.

How is kundalini awakened through mantra yoga?

In mantra yoga the student is initiated by means of a mantra. If the kundalini is to be awakened by means of this yoga then it is essential that the guru gives consciousness or ``chaitanya'' to the mantra. This consciousness can be viewed as the cit-shakti-kundalini. Through repetition of the mantra the cit-shakti-kundalini of the mantra resonates with the cit-shakti-kundalini of the student and in this way the student's kundalini is awakened. The reader may have noticed that there doesn't seem to be a great deal of effort applied in this approach. This is true and in many ways this approach is more akin to Siddha Mahayoga in which the guru can use sound or ``shabda'' as the instrument of initiation.

Right Now Lets Get Down To Business

Levitation Physical body

For preparation find a quiet place and a soft surface and lay down.

Step One
Now in your own time close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths feel the chest rise and fall and relax.

Step Two
Then visualize the base chakra. At the base of chakra there is a well of energy this well is know as the jewel of the lotus within the jewel there is a light golden energy. Visualize that this golden energy is trickling out of the jewel and spreading out into the chakra. As the chakra spins see the chakra becoming golden in colour with its light radiant energy. Feel that energy.

Step Three
Now focus on the second chakra and do the same, see the jewel at the centre and see this radiant energy trickling out into the 2nd chakra fill it with its radiant energy.

Step Four
Then move on to the 3rd chakra and do the same for this chakra and the other chakras till all seven chakra are filled with the radiant Golden wheels of Kundalini energy and feel how light this energy feels in your body.

Step Five
Now once you have reached the seventh chakra see the seven chakras and feel this light golden energy continually flowing into the chakras till it starts to over flow into the physical body do this for around about ten minutes.

Step Six
Now before we go any further place your hands underneath you resting behind your buttocks like in the image below.


Step Seven
Now as the golden energy begins to flow out into the physical body see the energy spreading through you entire body feel how light your body feels as the golden energy blends with your body and relax.

Step Eight
Then in your own time take a slow deep breath in and as you breath in feel your body getting lighter and as you breath out release more energy into your body till your whole being is covered in this golden light do this a couple of times.

Step Nine
After a couple of minutes when your physical body is feeling very light in weight take along deep breath in and hold it and feel your body rising up of the ground about ten centimetres if you need to, use your hand to help you push off like in the image below.


Step Ten
Now if you have done this right drop your hands down and touch the surface below. If you can not feel the surface of the ground don't worry just release a small amount of air from your lungs till the tips of your fingers touch the surface and hold it there.

Step Eleven
Then in your own time release the air from your lungs slowly and bring your body back down with the breath till your resting on the hands and if you want take another breath in and rise and return to the surface on the out breath.

Take Note
If you rise to high don't freak out just release a small amount of air from your lungs to lower your body again.

Helpful hints for this technique
If it helps visualize that you are in a meadow and there is a cloud just above you and bring that cloud down over your body and see your physical body as the cloud and see the cloud rise on the in breath and lower the cloud on the out breath.

Step Twelve
Now relax and feel at one with all things and in your own time open your eyes and well done.

If you don't rise right from the word go don't worry I never got it first time and if you practice you will get there in time remember this is not a race safety comes first so be careful. You can also do this technique in the lotus or half lotus position as well and if it makes it easier put this technique on a audio tape so you can play it back while your doing this technique.

I would suggest you ask your spiritual guide about this technique if you have any doubts before moving into this technique if something does go wrong it can be very frightening. I would also like to suggest if you're interested in learning Levitation you look at kundalini yoga and study it. It will only benefit you in doing so and I say this because that is where I'm at now and this is what I am doing. I have placed links and books on the yoga for life page.

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