Interstellar Travel

A series of advanced astral and etheric projection techniques that uses the wormhole system or grand portal as it is known to move through interstellar space

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The universe is filled with natural beauty and wonder and as we look to the heavens spread your wings and fly for we are all wingmakers and the universe is our home and we shall move throughout the heavens were ever we wish to roam.

But first we should start here in our own solar system for there is no place like home out there anywhere. So learn more about your own backyard before traveling to other galaxies and solar systems

Interstellar travel is the most advanced form of space exploration known to the human race and the Wingmakers are the masters when it comes to Interstellar Travel. Interstellar travel is possible by traveling through the elliptical time line or as it is known the grand porthole network, it is the universal time line. It is elliptical in nature because there is no beginning or end. Which means we can travel hundreds or thousands of light years a in a couple of minutes.

The Wingmaker uses two different types of space travel. The first technique is teleportation of the Visual body and the second technique is teleportation of the physical body.

But before we can use physical teleportation we must find an atmospheric match with the earths atmosphere.

The way we do this is by using the first technique teleportation of the visual body. But first we must prepare our visual body for interstellar travel.

The First Preparation is that of turning the visual body invisible so that no alien race can see our visual body. The Second Preparation is that of placing an invisibility shield around our energy system so that we can not be detected by another telepathic alien race. The third preparation is that of placing an atmospheric bubble shield around the visual body. So that you will be protected from any harmful energies or atmospheres out there in the universe that you may encounter along your journey through interstellar space and the atmospheric bubble shield must be worn while performing interstellar travel.

Interstellar Galaxy Cards

The interstellar galaxy cards used in this site are used in interstellar travel as a reference system to where a galaxy or planetary system is and how far away that system is, we can also view the status of a galaxy or planetary system and you will find these cards throughout the constellation section of this site.

Planetary Data Files

We use planetary data files with interstellar travel to record all of the planetary information that we have gathered while visiting a planet or moon in a galaxy, Solar or star system, and planetary nebula because of their detail file system. When we have finished the planetary data file we can place it with an image of the planet or moon that we have visited so in the future we have all the planetary data on that galaxy, solar or star system, or planetary nebula.

Interstellar protection shield & Atmospheric Scanner

The atmospheric and Protection Bubble is used in interstellar travel to protect us when we are travelling to far and distant Galaxies and worlds in our solar system so that we do not bring back any harmful energies or dangerous atmospheres on both physical plane of existence and the visual plane of existence. and you should master this technique before travelling through interstellar space because the atmospheres of other worlds maybe harmful to you and your energy system.

Planetary Detection Rapid

Planetary-Detection-Rapid-GalaxyThe interstellar detection rapid is a technique that we can use to help detect new planets and moons when travelling through interstellar space. The way that the detection system works is by sending out an energy rapid and when it hits a planet or moon the way that we sense this is by waiting for the rapid to send back a ripple the ripple then tell us the position of the planet or moon and once we know the position we can teleport to that position and map that part of that solar system.

Core Comparison Crystal Technique

The core comparison crystal technique is used during interstellar travel techniques To determine the make up of a planet, moon, star, or sun. See by pushing energy through the crystal and down into the core of a planet, moon, star, or sun once we have reached the centre we can gather information from the inner core to the exterior of the planet, moon, star, or sun. Here's how we do this and this two person exercise will help you on your way. This technique can also be used as a single person technique but you are best when starting out to work in a team. That way you can check your reading in this technique with others.

Interstellar Mapping & Travel Techniques

Interstellar travel is the fastest form of travel known to the wingmaker today. We have proven through using the technology of light energy and interstellar we can travel at an approximate rate of 2 seconds for every 5000 light years. But before we can travel at these great speeds we need to map the constellation or galaxy first.

Solar System

Our solar system is one of natural beauty and the home of the human race as wingmakers. We should start here in our solar system for there is no place like home out there anywhere. Learn more about your own backyard before travelling to other galaxies and solar systems.

Advanced Technique : Telekinesis Interstellar

travel is about to change forever with this new interstellar technique in physical telekinesis and teleportation as we all known finding images to match what we all see as we are traveling through interstellar space can be hard. But what if we could take the hard work out of finding images of planetary systems and galaxies with this technology we can but first we must learn telekinesis and once we have mastered telekinesis and mastered the art of blending our telekinic energy with physical objects then we should focus our attension on teleporting objects with our telekineic energy. for we all have the abilities of telekinesis and teleportation and it is our choice if we wish to obtain these abilities and master them.

For we all known that the visual body (astral Body) can move through interstellar space so why cant we take physical objects with us in our travels well now we can with this new technology. and together we can bring interstellar travel into a new era in space exploration and show the world how beautiful the universe is and we could all show the experts how interstellar travel should be done. and the era in space exploration would begin for we are the ture leaders in space exploration and no body maps the universe better that the wingmakers for we are not limited by the distance of the teleascope and as wingmakers we known there are no limitations to how far we can travel through the universe and interstellar space.


Once we have found a star system we should map that star system. Make sure you make a note of how many planets you find and which one if any will support human life forms?
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