Dimensional Universe

You will learn about the twelve dimensional layers of the universe in relation to
humanity and more about the movement of energy through the planes


Level Eight

Higher Energies

Dan Tiens

Source Codes

Level Nine

Multipule Dimensions

The First - Third Dimensional Universe
The first dimension would consist simply of points, each point on the same straight axis. If there were inhabitants of the first dimension, the only distinction between them would be the length of the straight lines they make up together as points, end to end.

The Second Dimension
The second dimension is the world of length and breadth, both of these properties visible on a single (flat) plane. If there were any inhabitants of the second dimension, they would resemble shapes and figures on a flat piece of paper - they could be any shape at all, but they would have no depth. It also means that two 'inhabitants' that had the same mathematical definition would be indistinguishable from each other.

The Third Dimension
The three dimensions of the world in which we live are length, breadth and height (or depth). The addition of another dimension not only makes for concreteness in perceivable form but adds an immeasurable potential for variety in that form: two people are not identical in form unless they have exactly the same width, the same height and the same volume - a combination that is mathematically far more complex than any combination in the second dimension. It is also the case in the third dimension that things which exist in the same space also exist in the same time - but this is not so in the fourth dimension.

The Forth Dimensional Universe
In the fourth dimension it is the element of time that is added to those of length, breadth and height. For two objects to come into contact with each other (or for two people to shake hands) in the third dimension, they have both to exist simultaneously at the same time of the same day of the same week in the same year. But this is not true in the fourth dimension, where two people shaking hands might not belong to the same era at all. For instance: in the fourth dimension it would be perfectly possible for a person from the present day to shake hands with someone from the 12th century. Similarly, it would be impossible to tell whether the building in front of you genuinely existed in the present day or whether it was the 'continued actuality' of a building that had stood there in the past. Even if it was only a simulacrum from the past, it would look and feel real: it would be there.

Instinctive Love
There is the love stemming from the fourth dimension, instinctive love: Depending on how it is used, this can be used to communicate with both Hell and the Astral Realm, but it is not a love that should be aimed for in anybody's spiritual practices.

The spirits of Hell are 'beings without love'
What does Hell consist of? Hell consists of forms of conceptual energy that in our world are expressed as envy, jealousy, mindless rage, petulance, greed, dissatisfaction, the desire for revenge, pessimism, nihilism, deliberate indecisiveness, cowardice, sloth, self loathing, hatred, lust, arrogance, selfishness, defamatory language, deliberate deception, aggression, ostentatious elitism, materialism, atheism, isolationism, tyranny, desire for worldly status, and sedition. These forms of energy do not have a specific shape or nature of their own because they are merely negative energy - the lack of, or the opposite of, positive forms that do have their own shape and nature. They only exist where love doesn't. The spirits of Hell are basically no more than 'beings without love', 'beings who want love'. At their core, evil spirits want to be loved, they want to be treated kindly by people. The basis of love is giving, but the inhabitants of Hell know only desire, they are forever yearning to receive something. They were once people who did not understand the true meaning of love, who knew only the 'love' that is taking rather than giving, and so they are suffering in Hell.

The Fifth Dimensional Universe
In the fifth dimension the element of spirituality is added to those of length, breadth, height and time. Inhabitants of the fifth dimension thus are distinct from each other not only in their shape (that is, their height, width and volume) and their experience of time, but also specifically in their degree of spirituality. They would not be there at all if they had not reached a fair stage of advancement in spiritual understanding, certainly well past the realization body. The main measure of spirituality is 'goodness', and the fifth dimension may therefore be described as the realm in which the good assemble.

Fundamental Love
The first step in the development of love is fundamental love: love at the personal, family and ordinary social level. This is perhaps the most easily understood type of love. It is the love of a parent for a child, of the child for its parents, of a man for a woman, of a woman for a man, the love between friends, or even the love between neighbours. In a wider meaning, love for society or the community as a whole could also be included in this 'fundamental love'. The basis of fundamental love is that a person has an interest in the object of his or her love. The goodwill that a person shows towards the object of his or her interest is a manifestation of fundamental love. This love is the most basic and most common form, but in practice it often proves to be a love that represents a source of difficulty.

The world of the third dimension would become Heaven if it could be filled with fundamental love. Everyone is born with an innate understanding of the beauty of fundamental love, for it is a love we can all expect to experience. Indeed, it is part of the way that people are made that they receive pleasure from giving love. The problem is, however, that although it is all very well to have an understanding of love, it is worthless if it is not put to use. If this love could truly be achieved on a planetary scale, this world would be transformed into the Realm of the Good in the fifth dimension while still remaining in the third dimension.

The Sixth Dimensional Universe
The sixth dimension adds a knowledge of Truth to the other factors. The inhabitants of this domain thus differ from each other in all the aforementioned ways, and additionally in the extent of their knowledge of Truth. Again, to be in the dimension at all they have to be morally good and to have an intimate knowledge of what we have earlier called Buddha's Truth. The actual degree of the knowledge of Truth naturally varies from person to person, which gives rise to finer levels within the sixth dimension, but there is nobody in the realm who is not familiar with, and an adherent of, the Truth.

Spiritually Nurturing Love
The second stage in the development of love is spiritually nurturing love. Anyone and everyone is capable of experiencing and giving fundamental love, although they may or may not wish to do so. But spiritually nurturing love is a love that not everyone is capable of After all, only mature people are able to foster potential in other only people whose talent and efforts have enabled them to teach are in a position to nurture others. This nurturing love is a love that leads and guides, and in order for it to produce results, it must first exists as an inner quality of a character better than mere fundamental love. It is impossible for the blind to lead the blind.

Spiritually nurturing love is an intellectual love, a reasoning love. Only a person with a high intellect can understand the true stage of humanity and society; only a person with superior reasoning can understand all the problems, take the necessary steps to resolve them, and truly guide others. People who embody this nurturing love must sometimes use it with the burning passion of the true teacher to save the spiritually degenerate and lead them back to the right path. If they are incapable of this, they cannot truly practice spiritually nurturing love. Spiritually nurturing love could be equated with love in the Realm of Light in the sixth dimension of the Real World. Of course there are spiritual leaders in this world who are capable of exhibiting this love, but in their hearts they are already in contact with the sixth dimension anyway. So far we have looked at fundamental love, which entails taking an interest in our fellow humans and wishing them well, and spiritually nurturing love, for which we must strive to improve ourselves in order to guide others. Both of these are wonderful forms of love, yet neither on its own is sufficient.

The Seventh Dimensional Universe
In the seventh dimension and beyond is added the quality of altruism: freely being of service to others. In a sense it could be said that the inhabitants of the lower dimensions all live egotistical lives, although this does not mean in a necessarily negative way. Even in the highly moral sixth dimension, the inhabitants want something for themselves, if only more knowledge of Truth. Their major preoccupation is altruism, to be of service. Their hearts are filled with love, and everything they do is for the benefit of others. Loving and helping each other in their own dimension, they devote themselves also to guiding the people of the lower dimensions, particularly coming to the assistance of those in the fourth dimension who are disoriented after having left their physical bodies behind. On occasion they even allow themselves to be born again in physical bodies in the third dimension in order to live lives of love and service towards others. As this proves, the inhabitants of the seventh dimension have already reached an exalted plane.

Forgiving Love
Those who practice forgiving love should have (once) experienced a sudden uplift to a state of high holiness. This is because forgiving love transcends good and evil and is restricted to those who have devoted themselves totally to their mission. The people in this state have come to the realization that the inhabitants of the materialist third dimension are blind in the spiritual sense, groping pathetically for what they cannot understand. To have come to this realization means that they have also become conscious of their own spiritual emptiness, cast it aside, and by doing so experienced a religious reawakening. Only people who have discovered the light through their own suffering are able to see through the masks of others and to love their divine nature. It is a state that occurs solely in those who are both magnanimous and generous, whose virtue surpasses intelligence.

Such people see all others as the children of Buddha. as reflections of God, and even perceive the qualities of Buddha in those who would be their enemies (very much a form of transcendental wisdom). The state of forgiving love is the state of the spiritual master, the Bosatsu. The people capable of forgiving love are messengers from the seventh dimension, and their hearts remain in the Real World of the Bosatsu. Those who practice forgiving love - that is, the Bosatsu's love - are just as fervently constant in their unforgiving hatred of the Devil and his activities. The Devil in this case corresponds to anyone who obstructs God's love for humankind, anyone whose very being is the antithesis of love. The Bosatsu battles with the Devil using the weapons of faith and selfless wrath. Once the Devil realizes that he will never be able to gain the final victory over Buddha(God), it will be possible for him to pass through the gates of forgiveness. It is because of this that active forgiveness plays a necessary role in forgiving love. But there are even higher states of love.

The Eighth Dimensional Universe
The factor that demarcates the inhabitants of the eighth dimension is what in English is generally called compassion. But it is more than the dictionary definition of compassion as 'pity' or 'sympathy': in this sense it is a very real empathy and includes the desire to give. Such exalted beings freely and constantly give without discrimination - and this is the true form of compassion. If the altruistic love of the seventh dimension can be described as a love that gives, then the love of the eighth dimension is even higher, and should be thought of as the love that keeps giving, as infinite love. The love of the seventh dimension is still a result of human endeavour: it is the bestowing on others of the love that a person has managed to accumulate in his or her work. But the love of the eighth dimension is like the power of the sun - it is inexhaustible. This is true compassion indeed. The love of seventh dimension needs a subject, and the quantity of love bestowed varies according to the subject. The love of the inhabitants of the eighth dimension, on the other hand, is totally impartial and fair: there is no room in this love for the petty discriminations of the human heart. Because of their unstinting supply of love, the inhabitants of the eighth dimension can be said to be truly qualified to lead.

Existence as Love
Existence as love is no longer the love of one person for one person or group, and it surpasses even differences of rank. 'Existence as Love' is when a person's very existence - the mere fact that the person's life touches yours, however momentarily - enables you to resolve your doubts and achieve enlightenment, to change your whole life, even to experience a religious awakening. The mere fact that such a person lives in the same era is enough to bring light to the world and give hope to humankind. Existence as love is a love that corresponds simply to existing, being there, and influencing the world in that way. The character of a person who embodies 'existence as love' is itself love incarnate. Such people shine out through the history of humankind. Existence as love is the love of a great person who holds a high place in human history, who is the contemporary light of the world, the very spirit of his times. Existence as love is not the love of one person for one person, it is the love of one person for many, for all - love that radiates out in all directions. In other words, it is another form of light. Existence as love belongs to the Realm of the Great masters(Nyorai) in the eighth dimension. When 'existence as love' is expressed through a person in a particular historical period therefore, that person is in reality a facet of Nyorai and represents unimaginable compassion for humankind. This compassion is the light of love that shines throughout the world; it is not a selective love that produces different shades depending on whom it touches Compassion is both absolute love and impartial love.

The Ninth Dimensional Universe
In the ninth dimension the element of 'universe' is added. The people who live in the dimensions up to and including the eighth dimension exist in realms that envelop and are influenced directly by the energy of the Earth. The ninth dimension, however, is not restricted solely to the Earth but is linked with the spiritual worlds of other planets beyond the Solar System. The dimension's inhabitants may therefore be described as offering guidance to the inhabitants of the terrestrial spirit group from the midst of the evolving universe. Most of the embodiments of Eternal Buddha that have taken human form and founded the major religions of this world are inhabitants of this ninth dimension.

The Love of the Saviour
Above 'existence as love', there is 'God's love' (Buddha's great compassion), a love that offers divine guidance, a love that offers us hope of evolution. The highest form of love available to humankind is that of the ninth dimension. This love may be described as God Incarnate as love, or the love of the Saviour (in that it constitutes salvation). This love is restricted to those chosen by God (Buddha) as divine instruments as His supreme representatives.

The Tenth or higher Dimensional Universe
Beyond the ninth dimension lies the highest level to which the terrestrial spirit group may attain, the tenth dimension. No inhabitants of this realm have ever taken human form on the Earth, for it is inhabited only by the Three Consciousness. The special properties that distinguish the tenth dimension must be regarded as creation and evolution. The inhabitants of the tenth dimension no longer have individual personal attributes like human spirits: they differ only in the roles that they have in relation to creation and evolution. The Three Consciousness comprise the 'Grand Sun Consciousness', the 'Moon Consciousness', and the 'Earth Consciousness'.

The Eleventh Dimension
Although the terrestrial system extends only as far as the tenth dimension, the Solar System also has an eleventh dimension. The characteristic property of this dimension is the mission of the sun, comprising the sun itself as both a life force and spiritual being.

The Twelfth Dimension
The twelfth Dimension is the Galactic Consciousness, an extremely powerful spirit that is responsible for planning our Galaxy and that controls hundreds of thousands of stellar consciousness of the eleventh dimension (as opposed to the planetary consciousness of the tenth dimension). The twentieth dimension, or beyond that. Eternal Buddha, the highest consciousness, the Eternal God of the universe is thought to inhabit a realm in the twentieth dimension, or even beyond that