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The core star as it is known today is the source of light energy in the physical body. it is the home of the human soul


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Core Star

The study of the soul is a pursuit both demanding and satisfying. But the deeper the inquiry goes, the more mysterious the subject becomes. What is this entity? The soul is not a thing that can be held with the hands, or heard with the ears, or seen with the eyes. The soul may seem so elusive as to be nothing more than a profound absence, justifying the bleak sense that we are only what we appear to be, and that our spirit is merely a wishful notion. Yet occasionally, as if by grace, there seems to be in our lives a palpable presence of creative power and loving wisdom, the source of which is as close to us as our own true being.

Currently there are great treasures emerging from the spiritual disciplines of the world. Humanity's wisdom teachings are presently accessible to anyone within reach of a bookstore. Today we can find, hidden within the literature of an ageless and worldwide esoteric tradition, an elegant theory and a simple practice that we can use as a map - to find the soul for ourselves.

In spite of, or even because of, the unprecedented wealth of available material, it can take much searching to find reliable information on the subject of the soul. Synchronicity plays a big part in this course of study. Occasionally the right book drops into our lap at exactly the right point. Or perhaps the right advisor shows up at precisely the right moment. The trick seems to be perseverance. If we continue studying and seeking, testing and checking, this mysterious subject can apparently unfold endless meaning as it leads us to its source. Every connection can bring us deeper. This brief but dense piece of writing is designed to serve those seriously engaged in the quest for the soul.

Opening Corridors To Your Core

I want you to send a few moments relaxing in a comfortable chair or lay down on the floor. now bring your conscious awareness to the physical location associated with the soul or core star in the centre of your body, about one and one half inches above your navel. In a short time you will feel calm and relaxed, full of light, and powerful, and your sense of self will be enhanced. Opening to the core star level of your being is a wonderful exerience.

First you may see your own core, in all its unique brilliance. This is your source of your creation. If you listen you will hear the inner voice of your core. This is your connection to the first source. For it is here that we are at one with all things living. And it is here that we transcend beyond the expanse of time and space.

If you give yourself five to ten minutes a day to focus on this central core of your being, your life will change. You will begin a conscious path of new begins and emotions in your life that will take you to places that you have always wanted to visit but couldn't. you may experience great spiritual wholeness with your creator. You will also release issues that you have avoided facing, in your life. they will come to the foreground of your life to be experienced and healed. you will begin to created the things that your desire in life.

Opening the internal corridor to our core will allow the love, truth, and courage within in us to come forth. This is the essential process in healing. by opening this internal corridor, the healing energy automatically flows through all of the dimensions of our creative energies and we begin the healing process in our selfs and those who live among us that have open there core. Healing energy automatically flows from anyone who opens his or her internal corridor between the outer personality and the core of our creation. It is easy to feel this healing when you are in the presence of such a person. you feel calm, relaxed, safe and secure. And you will feel a oneness with that person.

For you have already made this connection from your personality and your core through the higher self. Most poeple are rather shy about the ture nature of being in their higher self. It feels like being unveiled. it is like being undefended. So spend some time getting to know your higher self and feel at one with your higher self. Which parts of your being are already clear, pure, and loving? When you become more aware of those parts are, you can allow them to express themselves more freely. You will become more used to expressing your love and caring for others without being so shy.

For our core is our divine source. And opening our internal corridor to our divine source also automatically connects us to the external divine frist source of love and energy that is all around us, to what i call the universal divinity of the first source. It is by accepting the divine within in us all through gratitude that we are one with the individualized, localize first scorce or god within, that we are brought into knowing the universal god through the wholeness of our creation. For everthing that we do originates from the core of our being, as does every positive intention. pleaure is its motivating force, and it creates only joy and fulfillment in our existence.

Here is the creative path that is the core essence takes as it expands into the world of manifestation. As our creative force upwells from this core of our creation it brings great pleasure with it as the core essence emerges into the hara dimension on its way into our physical world, it wells up inti the centre of the three points along the hara line the dan tiens if all three points of the dan tiens are in alignment, that we have aligned with our divine intent with the best in us, and we have synchronized with divine intent. in other words, god's will and our will are one. when we allow our core essence to well up into this divine intent, We also express our individual essence through our intent or our purpose. We express individual divine purpose.

As the core essence flows up into the auric level, it flows into the centres of the chakras and expands to the permeate the whole auric field with the essence of who we are. Then we express our divine essence with our personality.

When the core essence upwells into the physical level it flows into the nucleus of each cell in the DNA. it expands throughout the whole body until the divine light shine so brilliantly that it literally shines through our skin, and we are radiant with the essence of our light being within. Then we express our divine essence through our physical bodies. It is a beautiful sight to see. Our essence as it fills the room, and all who are present can experience the delight of our essence.

Here is a meditation to bring forth your essence through each level of your being.

Core Star Meditation

Step One : Hara Alignment
Bring your awareness to the tan tien, an inch and a half below your belly button on the midline of your body. feel the power there. feel the heat there. feel how it is the same as the heat in the molten core of the meridian earth. It is a harmonic of the sound the core of the earth makes. Stay focused there until it is very hot.

Now bring your awareness to an area in the upper chest, about two and one-half inches below the hollow in your throat. this is the middle dan tien. here on the haric level, the middle dan tien or soul seat in the chest is like a diffused light around a candle. The soul's longing, the song of the soul, resides here. It is not the heart chakra. when you connect with it, sometimes feels like a ball being blown up inside your chest. It has a very clear, spherical appearance. It carries the soul's longing.

Feel the laser line now that goes from the soul seat in your chest down through the tan tien in your pelvis, and into the center of the earth. feel the strength and silence in the room as your individual purposes become synchronous.

Then bring your awareness to the point above head. Straighten your spine. and don't let your head hang down. Imagine a fine thread through the very top of your head. If you don't feel it' pick up a hair right at the very top of your head' pull up as if there were a string on which your head is hanging. With your minds's eye reach up to that very tiny opening, about a quarter of an inch i diameter, two and a half to three feet above your head. You will hear a very high-pitched sound if your auditory perception is open. when you are able to place that laser line through that hole, you will actually hear it as a pop. It kind of pops through. It's not easy to find that high point. It's like a little vortex. When you find it, it's like going through into a totally different reality, way above you.

If you pop through you will find yourself in the godhead or undifferentiated "is"-ness. In order to get that line through, you have to compleatly align your physical body feel that very tiny laser beam half the size of your little finger, going all the way through you from the godhead to the molten core of the earth. Feel the soul's song in your chest and the creative force in your tan tien. Feel that at the same time you feel the line all the way down to the molten core of the earth. Feel that power. That's the alignment for your task.

This is the bridge. This is you and the bridge between heaven and earth. Feel the synchronicity of the purpose now in the room. That same line going down right through the middle of the room is the hara line of the group. Feel the connection from your tan tien to the tan tien of the group - That's in the centre of the room. It is upon this level that your task and the task of the greater groupof which you are a member synchronize.

It is on this level that the task of this group will synchronize with the greater community around. That will then synchronize with that of the state, the country, the continent, and the earth. This is the way to connect to the power and truth of a system within a system within a greater system. It is the key to holographic universal alignment. There is no need to struggle or to worry that your task is difficult . It need not be. For when you align yourselves on these levels - the core star, the aura, the hara, and the physical body - then you are in synchronicity with the world around you as well aas yourselves.

core star

Step Two: Light Emerging
Now move your awareness down into the core star, an inch and a half above your belly button. Here resides the essence of who you are beyond time, beyond space, beyond longing and desire. At this place you simply are. There is no need. There is no pain. You simply are creator. When you as creator move forth from the core star of your essence to create, you first bring creative energy into the level of the hara, your divine task. from the haric level, you bring energy to the auric level, creating your personality, template for the physical. From the auric level you bring energy into the physical body. For this is the way of the wingmaker.

The creative force of the first srouce moves from the one (core star) through the trinity (represented by the point of light above your head, to the point within your chest (the soul seat), And down to the point of the Tan tien on the haric level) through the level of the seven (the seven layers of the auric field) and into the multiplicity of form in the three-dimensional world.

When you have compleated one plan of creation, you will then move forth more of your essence into the trinity, through which shines your purpose. So allow your essence now to exude itself strongly and steadily from your core star, through your haric leveland into your auric field. Allow that essence to flow through each layer of the field. Each layer of the field represents a state of being, a level of being in humanness.

Bring the essence of your being through each of those levels of human being. Then bring it through to the physical, to crystalize in your body, through every cell of your body. It will create health, joy, and pleasure in your physical life and your life's work. Your body , your personality, and your life are all expressions of your devine essence.

And so the one has become the trinity has become the seven, and as you open the seals of the seven, you will know God within the human being. Now look within each cell of your body. You will find in the nucleus of each cell a configuration very similar to your core star - a point of light radiating forth the essence of your being within every cell of your physical body. Healing then, is simply helping your self connect with the truth of your being. It is nothing more than that.

Where there is pain or illness, anger or fear, where there is suspicion or greed, where there is forgetting, remember your core star. Allow the light within every cell of your body together within every cell of your body. Remember your body. Bring the members of your body together within the light of your body, your altar in form. That light is the light of your core, your eseence, the god within.

Your task did not come from pain; it came from the desire to create.
It came from the flow of love out of the center of your being,

which in its creative movement out from the core became disconnected and forgot who it is. It is only a matter of reconnecting with the memory of who you are.

Your life task is to remember that original creative urge and to complete your creation so that another will well up from the source within you. Let the essence of who you are that rest within your core star shine forth through all levels of your being. Allow that original creative urge there to lead you through your life.

Spinning The Core Star

The core star as it is known today is the source of light energy in the physical body. it is the home of the human soul and the centre of our energy system because if there were no soul. Then the essence that is live would not be present in the human body. Light Energy or the energy of the soul is a great power source of healing energy both the spiritual and the physical. but we can also use light energy for protect and travel

Spinning The Core Star

Spinning the core star is a good exercise for learning to control the light energy of the soul and it is also a good exercise for feeling the new soul layer of the auric field.

Physical Exercise

Step One
I want you to get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Now in your own time hold your hand over the core star at your centre and close your eyes.

Step Three
Then I want to feel the energy of your core star. If you need to push energy out of your hand down into the core star.

Step Four
Now in your own time feel the power of the soul and as you do feel at one with yourself and the world around you and remember true power comes from deep within.

Step Five
Then focus your mind on the core star and need to visualize the core star and when you are ready turn your hand in a clock wise motion and spin core star and as the core star spins feel the energy of the core star spreading through every inch of your body and feel your relaxing with this energy.

Step Six
Now feel that energy moving out into the auric field and into the soul layer of the auric field between the forth and fifth layers. It should look like a silvery white cocoon between the two layers of the auric field.

Step Seven

Feel this new layer becoming solid and feel at one with this new layer. This layer will stay like this as the new layer awakens in the auric field and once it opens it should look like a electromagnetic field of energy between the fourth and fifth layers

When I first Cracked the core star I felt a solid energy move through the body don't worry if you feel the same this is safe because the energy moving through the body is you. Timeless and pure energy that transends both time and space.