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Updated : 11/10/2010

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Welcome To

As you know there are many hoaxes out there, well this introduction is to inform you that this is not one of them. All these exercises have been tested and retested to make sure they work. Please remember not everyone learns the same, what works for us may not be the same for you. These exercises are meant as a basis for you to tweak them to suit your needs to find what works best for you.

See, I have found all the abilities lie dormant in the chakras, both in the physical body and etheric body. The way we manifest ability is through learning to understand our own energy field and awakening the light within because it is said, that within you awaits another you.

We the seven have learnt a lot about the inner power and so will you through the teachings of this site. You will learn and understand the true meaning of light and love. You will learn and understand the true path of your enlightenment.

The art of stilling the mind through meditation awakens you to hidden possibilities, realms, and opportunities. Different energies flow through many layers of our being. And from those realms you will find the hidden realms of angelic light, the cosmic rays, and the meridians of the hidden forest.

You will also learn more about Kundalini and the light body, telekinesis, telepathy, chakras, and the aura. You will also learn the art of healing ones self with gems and crystals and through balancing of and aligning chakras, you will discover more about the inner self and higher self, as you know we all have spiritual advisers that aid us in our journey. As some of you are aware it was them that brought you here

The best tool in the wingmaker skills to do this is the ability of Tele-visualization which is the ability of seeing with the minds eye in the three dimensional reality of sound, shape and form. Once you have mastered this ability then you are ready to start your training.

Don't worry if the ability of Tele-visualization does not work for you straight away it does take some time to master the art of Tele-visualization. The only way to master tele-Visualization is through practice.

All the abilities of the wingmaker start with visual techniques. It is only when we have mastered the controlling of the meridian energies and the seven visual techniques of the wingmaker that the temple of meridia will show itself to us.


In the beginning there was energy and from energy came creation and from creation came the heavens and the earth

At that point the council of elders of the temple of meridia will give you the morals test. If you pass the morals test then you will move on to the next step in the wingmaker's journey.

Patience and faith in what you are doing is the key to achieving success on this web site.

Training Within This Site

pingala ida sushumna

The first thing you should learn when learning the ways of the wingmaker are energy of both the human body and movement of energy. Remember you had to learn to walk before you could run. Energy and the energy body are the fundamental basics of the any new age movement.

You should also study your thoughts through meditation. Learn to understand your life force through pranayama breathing and your bodies sensations when training in energy. Control is the key find the place within were your true power awaits.

There is no point learning more advanced abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, or any of the other abilities unless you have the basic control over your mind and energy.

But if you fail the morals test then you are not ready for the next step and you must wait till the council of elders call on you again.

And most importantly i want you to remember that there are no short cuts on the wingmaker journey we all must follow the same path. So start at the beginning and work your way through the wingmaker's training site.

Don't just read this site you need to feel and learn as you go. Any questions you have will be answered as you travel down the path of the wingmaker's.

So don't worry if the abilities of the wingmaker don't work for you straight away as it does take time and practice to learn the abilities of the Wingmaker. Patience and faith in what you are doing is the key to achieving success on this web site.

Introductory Techniques


I want you to stand in the center of the room and place your hand out in front of you aligned with your shoulder. Point your index finger out and without moving your feet bring your arm around in a clockwise motion to 3 o'clock, then round to 6 o'clock and move around till your can not turn any further notice how far you can go then bring your arm back to the point in front of you. Then take a deep breath in and close your eyes then do the exercise again move your arm around to 3 o'clock, then 6 o'clock and then bring it around to 9 o'clock, making sure your feet stay straight and move around as far as you can. You would have noticed if you had opened your self to this technique that there is more to us the meets the eye. So what other abilities await within you? anything is possible if you have faith in your own ability.

The Best Place To Start

Concentration Exercise


Print the image onto a white sheet of paper or card A4 size I used card. Make sure the image is in the center of the card. it best printed about the size as you see it here. Then find a wall and tape the back of the card on the corner and place it on the wall. So when you are sitting its at your eye line.

Then move back about 1.5 metres from the image on the wall sit down. Use a pillow to sit on. Then stare at the black dot in the center and as thoughts arise release them with the breath and return your focus to the black dot.

Do this daily for around 40 minutes and keep a journal to write down your feelings you get, the things you see, energies you feel, the movement of energy, and spiritual contact you my have. Even write the colour of the clouds and you see around you.

The object is the still the mind,

Here I am giving you the best lesson and teacher

You so listen and learn

I recommended you do this technique daily for around 30 minutes

Siddhi Powers

Siddhi powers, that I am aware of are telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, levitation, just to name a few. There are 37 siddhi powers in total, that I am aware of and I will not go into great detail here as your guides will help you as you move through this process.

And Remember The Wingmakers Code

Love and Light

A little of information about myself

My Name is Darren in the year 1978 I was first introduced into the seven through the Etheric plane, we were known at the time as the children of the hidden forest. And I have also known us to be call by other names like Seven, Sage, and Mage of the hidden forest. And we are the protectors of the elemental ring of power

It is common for the members of the seven to ethereally project to the elemental ring of power for gatherings and the partaking of energy ceremony. This is normally done through bi-location or etheric projection, which are common abilities shared by all members of the seven.

Through countless life times over thousands of years we have gathered in the hidden forest around the elemental ring of power, and it is here that we form our union with the elementals and other nature spirits of earth.

Please Note

The term Wingmaker comes from the opening of wings technique developed in the year 1979 by wingmaker732 and has come from the first writings of the wingmaker's equinox written that same year. Wingmaker's means makers of wings or a person who moves with spiritual wings upon the physical plain of existence that is where our name has come from. This site and message board are not affiliated with in any way nor do we wish to be.

Some people would doubt the abilities of the human energy system. So here is a simple exercise to everyone game to try this technique.


A lesson Learned is a lesson in life

I will not give you all the answers

This site was not written with all the answers

Research is how we learn the ways of the wingmaker

Empowerment comes from within

But knowledge comes from both within and from without

Listen to the energies and learn and remember to do your own research

That is the way we learn.

This site is not meant to be easy to learn To learn something new is a challenge the same way most of life is

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