Chakra Tones and Notes

Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within the subtle body.
The chakras represent different aspects of our experience as human beings.

Chakra Tones

Chakra Awakening

Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within the subtle body. The chakras represent different aspects of our experience as human beings. By working with the energies of the chakras, it is possible to balance and clear away the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from being healed whole beings in alignment with our highest nature. Through working with the chakras we gain self knowledge directly through the vehicles of sensation, visualization and listening. We will be working with breath, color, energy, and sound. These chakra teachings will give you experiences and tools to understand and heal yourself more fully. I encourage participants to wear white or bright colors.(2-6 hours)


The musical note on this page are the notes for the first eleven chakras these note will help align and open the chakra's on the physical body to the higher powers.

First Chakra : Base


The First Chakra, or Root Chakra, enables us to attune to Mother Earth and anchor the higher frequencies of the Universe to her. When this Center is fully activated, the fear of death is transcended.

Ruby - Red - Root Chakra
Ruby keeps the lower chakras open so energy can move up. It may activate kundalini (in a balanced manner). Mother Mary has infused her energy into this essence which has a profound affect on the heart, strengthening the spiritual heart. Ruby is about mastery and love of self. Ruby teaches you and opens you to the infinite source of divine love. It raises the vibration of the physical body. Ruby gives us courage to express our highest potential. It energizes the physical being and emancipates creative energy devoted to our highest aspects. Ruby is the soul and heart connected - expressing love in action.

Second Chakra : Sacral

Chakra The Second Center or Navel Chakra, allows the attunement of the entire Etheric Body, especially the First Chakra. As this Center is fully activated, an inner emotion of bliss is experienced.

Carnelian - Orange - Sacral Chakra
The carnelian increases access to prana by clearing energy paths. It gives us motivation and vitality. Shakti and Sai Baba came to infuse their energy to this essence, which stimulates and awakens the creative force and helps us focus on our goals. It magnetizes harmonious thoughts. Orange Carnelian enhances attunement with the inner self. It grounds energy into the physical, and awakens the creative force.

Third Chakra : Solar Plexus

Chakra The Third Chakra, or Solar Plexus Chakra, governs protection. As this Center begins to activate, all need for manipulation or control of one's reality is transmuted. An inner sense of safety is experienced.

Natural Citrine - Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
Jesus came to overlight this essence, to help us prepare for greater spirituality as the citrine helps open our inner sight and hearing. The citrine essence enhances concentration, clears old thought patterns, and is a bridge to access the divine. It is useful for intellectual communication and balances the rational mind. It is about sovereignty, courage, confidence, self esteem. The sunlight it represents is uplifting and helps us recognize beauty and joy.

Soul star / Halo Chakra : Lower Dan Tein

Chakra The Fourth Chakra, the newly formed Diaphragm Center, stores strong negative emotions. As this Chakra activates, fear and doubt dissolve. This Center, which sits over the diaphragm, governs full-conscious breathing,which is the ability to draw in the necessary prana or life energy through the breath.

Yellow Sapphire - Gold - Halo Chakra
The yellow Sapphire that brings in the gold light from the halo above the head is about Cosmic Truth and love for others. For the wise counselor who brings warmth, nourishment, empathy and inspiration for onebs brothers and sisters. The instinctive nature is of service. It is beautiful to share. Gold of a master teacher, teaching through grace so you can express your soulbs beauty in words, thoughts and communications. Love radiates from Gold. The band of Kumara Angels infused this yellow sapphire essence. There is wisdom, exultation, illumination and Christ like qualities

Fifth Chakra : Heart

chakra The Fifth Chakra, or Heart Chakra, remains in its original position. When fully activated, it is the Center of Pure Thought and Unconditional Love.


Emerald - Green - Heart Chakra
The emerald activates our heart chakra teaching us empathy and unconditional love, allowing us to experience an expansion of love energy. This essence, overlit by Archangel Rafael- the angel of healing- works very strongly in the physical field. Emerald helps us understand rhythms and patterns and cycles in nature. It is also about fertility and prosperity. The emerald assists all forms of communication through the heart, and healing with love.

Thymus Chakra : Middle Tan Tien

chakra The newly formed Sixth Chakra or Thymus Center, assists us in adjusting to our thought-form body. When fully activated, our physical body will respond to our thoughts in a direct fashion. This is when we will 'think it and be it', and where 'instant karma' is manifested - that is to say, 'what we think is what we get', whether it is for our highest good or not. You may be seeing the effects of this new Center now, as manifestation is occurring at a much more rapid rate on the Earth plane.

Aquamarine - Blue-Green - Thymus Chakra
Aquamarine opens the spiritual high heart, the thymus chakra, and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. It has humanitarian qualities as well as serenity, peacefulness, balanced emotions and patience. There is a strong connection to the dolphins. Aquariel, the Archangel of clarity, has infused this Aquamarine essence.

Seventh Chakra : Thoat

chakra The Seventh Chakra has taken its place as the Throat Center and governs communication and creativity. This Center helps collect the pranic energy needed to purify and invigorate the physical body.

Blue Sapphire - Blue - Throat Chakra
Archangel Michael's energy comes into the blue sapphire with his blue shield of protection and blue sword of truth. Blue Sapphire addresses the throat chakra and is abut communication and self expression. It is about listening as well as speaking. There is mental discrimination, enlightened intuition. We choose the thoughts we think. Blue Sapphire aligns our energy with our purpose and opens us to our spiritual nature.

Zeal Point Chakra

chakra The new Eighth Chakra, also known as The Well of Dreams, is, at the present time, vestigial. It sits just at the occipital at the back of the head. When fully activated, this Center will regulate multi-dimensional telepathic communication. When the Well of Dreams is fully awakened, the veil between the third dimension will dissolve and we will ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Pink Tourmaline - Magenta - Zeal Point Chakra
The Zeal point chakra, the ascension chakra is opened. This chakra, located in the back of the head, at the base of the skull (the medulla oblongata) is also called the Mouth of God. The kundalini is assisted and is gentle and graceful. There is very strong protection associated with this essence. It also strengthens the heart and hormones are addressed. It is good to have this chakra open when leaving the earth plane.

Now, when the 8th chakra opens up, so too does some spiritual abilities. How many of these abilities and to what degree will vary from individual to individual. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts, telepathy, even empathy are all abilities that this center is responsible for activating. Naturally, the programming for this stuff sits in the 7th center. So, if there is a problem with any one of these abilities but not the others, then you may have to look at the 7th chakra for the cause. However, keep in mind that when a person's 8th center begins to open, they may only see a glimmer of these abilities. They may not become full blown until the 9th, 10th, 11th, and even the 12th chakras are open. In other words, when the individual's 8th chakra awakens, they will only experience these abilities but not have any great control over them, and their surfacing may be sporadic at best.

Tenth Chakra : Anja

Chakra The Tenth Chakra, or Pineal Center is now known as the Vision Center or the Third Eye Center. This Center draws in and helps store the Higher Light frequencies.

Indigo - 3rd eye/Pineal Chakra
Indigo addresses the inner vision, paranormal vision. As light comes through the 3rd eye dream your dream and have it come true. There is keenness of perception, enriched experiences of synchronicity. Ascended Master Serapis Bey infuses his energy into this essence. Indigo enhances intent, focus, telepathy, deep thought and clearing of the mind. There is clarity of purpose

Pituitary Chakra : Upper Dan Tien

Chakra The Ninth Chakra, or Pituitary Chakra, is newly located in the area of the pituitary gland. This Center regulates Light and radiation and when fully activated, will rejuvenate the entire physical body.

Eleventh Chakra : Crown

Chakra The Eleventh Chakra, or Crown Center, connects with energies from the Universal Source. This Center enables us to interpret our akashic records and our truth.

Amethyst - Purple - Crown Chakra
My good buddy St. Germaine graces the Amethyst essence with his essence. He brings to us the violet ray of transmutation, alchemy, and transformation. There is mastery of thought. The crown chakra is opened to receive energy from higher chakras and to receive spiritual insight into highly refined aspects of higher potentials. There is divine love and inspiration. Useful in leadership positions. See the divine perfection in all things. It is a visionary essence.

Twelfth Chakra

Chakra The new Twelfth Chakra sits outside of the right side of the head and above the Crown Center. It represents what is left of the Ego. It controls the left side of the physical body and regulates creative talents. It is the Center where love and compassion originate.

White Topaz - Silver/White - Light Body Chakra
Tap into the source of universal energy. The etheric body is rejuvenated and aligned with the physical body. White Topaz feeds the light body. It is a source of strength and great to use on the meridians. Kuan Yin infused her energy into this magnificent White Topaz essence. Conscious connection and manifestation of wisdom: turn vision into realities. White Topaz is also about the reversal of aging.

There are tones for the upper chakras. Initially everyone will hear something different until more of the integration takes place. He is recommending you work with the upper chakras and hear the tones on your own for the time being. There will be a time he will work with people on those tones. Also, in the first session he did he had us hold 12 ray water. This will speed up the anchoring process in the body but not a necessity at this point and it may be initially easier to just hook up the light and sound rather than doing it down to the alchemy level.

One of the things that came into my realization is that we have been primarily working off the seven main chakras which are primarily the male vibration. The odd chakra numbers have a male orientation, and the even numbers have a female orientation. The next five chakras are bringing back our higher knowing are balanced towards the female, and thus it would feel like more female energies are coming back in. But if you take all 12 chakras, they are evenly spilt between male and female, and thus the balance we are obtaining.

The Thirteenth Chakra
The Thirteenth Chakra sits outside of the left side of the head, above the Crown Center, and represents what is left of the negative Ego. It controls the right side of the physical body. This Center is the source of desire for harmony.

chakra locations

Earth Chakras

Chakra Point Location Corresponding Ray Color Governing Aspect Planet Relation
Root Chakra Himalayas and Mt. Sinai in the Middle East 8th Ray Magenta Love and Education Jupiter
Sacral Chakra Hawaii and the Brazilian Amazon Area 9th Ray Gold and Silver Honour and Leadership Venus
Solar Plexus Luxor and Kilimanjaro in Africa 10th Ray Blue and Green Hope and Records Saturn
Heart Chakra Egypt & Haleakala (volcano in Maui, Hawaii) 11th Ray Pink and Gold Balance and Relations Niburi
Throat Chakra Antarctica and Mt. Shasta in Northern California 12th Ray Pale Violet Planetary Evolution Pluto
Third Eye China and the Himalayas 13th Ray Pale Turqoise Harmony and Collaboration Mercury
Crown Chakra Alberta Canada and Mt. Fujiyama in Japan 14th Ray Opal White Co-Creation Uranus
8th Chakra Baja Mexico 15th Ray Gold and White Visions Neptune
9th Chakra Earth Center 16th Ray Orange Human Evolution Mars
10th Chakra Earth Center 17th Ray Silver and White Spiritual Leadership Sun
11th Chakra Earth Center 18th Ray White Truth Maldek
12th Chakra Earth Center 19th Ray White Solar Bridge Sun

Earth Chakras Written by Star Stuffs

Chakra Scale & Musical Notes

chakra notes

Each one of these musical notes aligns to one of the twelve major chakras on the physical body and playing the note will help open the chakra and if you hold a pendulum over the aligned chakra and listen to the notes of this scale you will notice that the chakra will spin faster and the energy body and the physical body will recieve more energy from the flow of the higher powers and it is also a great healing technique as well.