Blank Slate Technology

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Blank Slate Technology

Blank slate technology or BST as some have called it is the ability of removing a thought from the thought process of a subject and replacing it with a passive thought.

This is done by using telepathy and empathy and on occasion the abilities of Invisibility, Teleportation , Time Travel ,and or Interstellar Travel may be used as well and it's sole purpose is to protect humanity from an hostile enemy should the need arise. and is not be used for any other propose. In other words Blank slate technology can not be used for personal gain.

So if that was what you were hoping to use it for then sorry to disappoint you and just so we are clear on this matter the ability of Blank slate technology can only be granted by the prime creator or the council elders of the temple of meridia after you have passed the morals test set by both the prime creator and the temple of meridia.

Telepathy Technique

Visual Technique : Two person Exercise

Step One
First thing both of you get comfortable and relax.

Step Two
Then close your eyes and visualize that your physical body is filling with energy.

Step Three
Then I want you to work out who will perform the exercise and who will be the subject for this exercise once you have work out who's who then and only then can you move on with this exercise.

Step Four
Now I want the person who is performing this exercise to see their visual body standing in front of them

Step Five
Then visualize that your energy is blending with your physical body.

Step Six
Next you need to focus your mind on the person in front of you.

Step Seven
Very cautiously approach the person in front of you.

Step Eight
Next you need to channel energy from your core star (soul) up into your eyes.

Step Nine
Then push that energy out of your eyes and into the eyes of the person in front of you.

Step Ten

Now spread that energy through out the persons mind and seek out their thought process.

Step Eleven
Next you need to telepathically stretch out your feelings and link your mind with the other persons thought process.

Step Twelve
Then using this mind link seek out the thought that you wish to replace.

They should look like little pulses of light in the persons mind.

Step Thirteen
When you've found the thought that you wish to replace visualize a blank slate of fifth force energy forming around the thought. As the blank slate forms see the old thought clearing from the persons thought process.

Step Fourteen
Now using telepathy place the new thought onto the blank slate and fill the new thought with fifth force energy.

Step Fifteen
Then very carefully remove the blank slate from the persons thought process leaving the new thought in its place.

Step Sixteen

Now using telepathy and your feelings check to see that the new thought has taken into the persons thought process.

Step Seventeen

If you have been successful break the telepathic link and draw your core star energy back out of the persons mind and eyes and back into your visual body.

Step Eighteen
Now teleport your visual body back to your physical body.

Step Nineteen

Then open your eyes.

Write down the persons name and the new thought that you have entered into their thought process.

If you are not successful the first time try steps fourteen to seventeen again.

Blank Slate Technology / Time Travel

The hara laser line runs vertical along the human body down through the base chakra into the earth it is this line that grounds us to the physical plain and our place in time and space the other end of the laser line passes through the crown chakra and out into infinite time and space and is our inherent link to the prime creator and the grand porthole network.

The hara laser line is a link into every part of our being from the chakras to the dan tiens and out into the auric field and it is the Main Vertical energy Current that runs along the center of the body. In most contemporary humans, only a small portion of the Kundalini is used in the Hara Line but with training in hara development we can increase this energy flow.

The hara line meditation is a good way of developing hara energy flow. BST uses the hara line through drawing our connection out of the earth and physical plain and drawing the laser line back into the base chakra before trying this technique you should open and charge the chakras and charge your body with prana energy and activate the light body and opening of wings.

This technique is dangerous so visual bodies only at this time and i suggest you study the hara line development and get to know the hara line well before moving into this technique.

Blank Slate Technology / Time Travel

Visual Technique

Step One
After you have charged the bodies chakras and prana energy flow see your visual body in front of you and hold it there.

Step Two
Now see the hara line runing through your visual body from the core of the earth up through the the dan teins and chakras and out through the crown chakra and see it link into the grand porthole network of the prime creator. if you have done this correctly you will feel your universal link with the network.

Step Three
Now in your own time open your wings and spin the core star on you visual body and see that light expanding through your entire being as your visual body transforms into the wingmaker.

Step Four
Then I want you the feel your inherent link with the earth and the physical plain within your visual body feel your link with the earth and the earth star.

Step Five
In your own time draw that link and your earth star out of the earth and into back your visual body and hold it at the base chakra.

Step Six
Now in your own time focus on a destination of your choice and teleport your visual body along the hara laser line and when you arrive at your destination drop the hara line and earth star back down into the earth feel this ground as you link back into the physical plain and wait for the hara line to stablize. be very careful and make sure you are grounded properly.

Step Seven
Then into your own time draw your earth star and laser line back into the base chakra and teleport your visual body along the laser line and back to the point in front of your physical body and drop the laser line and earth star back down into the earth and physical plain and wait for it to stablize before drawing your visual body back into your physical body and in your own time open your eyes.

Write down all your sensations and experiences while you were traveling for future reference.

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